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About Kiheung

About Us

About Us


KIHEUNG Machinery Co., Ltd. has been consistently developing universal heads since its foundation in 1968.
From manual heads to A2 heads, A4 heads, orthogonal heads, and various heads,
we have acquired advanced technologies through technical partnerships with European companies.
By composing major parts with German-made parts, performance and reliability are improved and A/S occurrence is reduced.

KIHEUNG specializes in CNC bed milling machines, traveling column boring and milling centers, double column machining centers,
double column 5-axis and vertical turning machines With the philosophy of supplying the most advanced products,
We are committed to improving.

Based on this, about 10,000 heads have been produced and sold since its foundation to date, and the sold heads have been recognized for their value in the global market, and are being continuously purchased over and over again.
It is a more valuable result that has earned consumer trust with head rotation precision and excellent quality.

kiheung company kiheung company

“Full satisfaction to customers and endless service to customers”

The spirit of mutual cooperation enables KIHEUNG to ensure continued distribution of
high-quality machine tools designed to meet the requirements of customers worldwide.

  • HIGH RIGIDITY Robust spindle design with large-size bearings, well designed gear box and large sectional ram structure gurantee high torque transmission and powerful cutting capacity.

    KIHEUNG’s all major and critical parts, Such as bed, column, saddle, table, ram and head are made by qualified KIHEUNG foundry shop.
  • HIGH ACCURACY Due to its strong structural parts, oversized ball screw & guide way, and standardized linear scales for all axes, KIHEUNG machine tools provide superior accuracy.

    KIHEUNG adapts two kinds of guideway systems; a box way for heavy-duty cutting and a linear roller guideway for high-speed cutting
  • HIGH RELIABILITY The key technologies of horizontal ram and autoindexing universal-head, originate from Europe: Germany, Italy, and Spain, they are reliable and proven designs in the European market.

    KIHEUNG uses high-quality proven components such as spindle bearing, ball screw, linear scale, spiral bevel gear, Linear Motion Guide, hydraulic component, lubrication component, etc.
  • VARIATY OF SPINDLE HEAD KIHEUNG Machinery mainly produces milling machines or machining center equipped with the universal milling head. The universal milling head has a spindle posture changing mechanism; it can change the direction of spindle between vertical and horizontal position as well as smaller angle of up to 2.5 degree or 1 degree. And KIHEUNG also supplies Several different kinds heads, 0.001 deg continuous universal head, orthogonal head, horizontal head, vertical head and boring spindle with Ram.

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