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About Kiheung



We sincerely welcome you to our website.
Since our establishment in 1968, KIHEUNG Machinery is one of the best machine brands in Korea with a history of more than 50 years,
We are focusing on securing future growth engines through constant change and innovation.

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Since its establishment in 1968, it has led the development of the Korean machinery industry and has built an unrivaled position in the business fields such as milling machines and universal heads,
Since then, it has steadily grown into a global company by continuously
focusing on expanding its global business network.

In the future, our steps toward becoming a global leading company will not stop.
Through constant change and innovation, expansion of core technologies, and securing and nurturing talent, we will focus our business capabilities on the infrastructure support industry, the growth engine.
As we have done so far, we will continue to provide better value to our customers, coexist with our partners, and create a happy workplace for our employees.
In addition, we will actively contribute to solving global issues such as social welfare and environmental conservation, and become a company that can be loved by everyone.

We would like to express our gratitude to all who have supported us until today, and we will continue to practice customer- and talent-oriented management so as not to violate your expectations and trust.
In addition, we will do our best to become a company respected by people around the world through transparent management, fair competition, and social contribution activities.

KIHEUNG Co., Ltd. CEO Kim Min-soo kiheung greeting

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