CNC Bed type milling machine with rotary table
CNC Bed type milling machine RTW1000
RTW1000 is designed for heavy machining and big sized parts with moving column and big rotary table! This big rotary table can support work piece up to 20,000kg. This integrated system with NC rotary table into 3 axis (X,Y,Z) + 2 axis (C,W) adopts a column movement while rotary table moves longitudinally so the machine gives you much more convenience in multi-face machining in single setup. Also double work scope due to column cross and ram cross movement is the extremely stable with high rigidity suitable for more deep hole operations and fine finishing operations. Column cross movement till 2000mm and Ram cross movement till 1500mm perform 5-face machining of the big and long work piece efficiently with high accuracy. And it is very easy access at any working area with two front doors and one rear door, and the operator protections are provided including complete enclosures which allow a perfect chip disposal, and can be the noise damper.

Machine specification RTW1000
Surface mm 1800~2200x1800~2200 / 3000X2000
T-slot/Width mm 8x22H12, 1x22H7
Distance mm 200
Max permissible load kg 15000~20000
Auto indexing, continuous ° 0.001
Longitudinal mm 3000/4000/5000/6000
Cross(Ram) mm 1350/1500
Cross(Column) mm 1200/1500/2000
Vertical mm 1600/2000/2500
Axis mm/min 8000(X,Y,Z), 5000(W)
Rapid mm/min 16000(X,Y,Z), 10000(W), 4~3(C)
Drive motor Nm 70(X), 27(Y), 50(Z), 70(C), 50/70(W)
Taper   ISO50
Speed rpm 4000 (2 step : 0~1000, 1001~4000)
Drive motor kW 28/42
WEIGHT kg 40000~60000
  11, Munpyeongseo-ro 17beon-gil, Daedeok-gu, Daejeon, South Korea