Floor type milling / boring machine
Floor type milling / boring machine TRAX
TRAX is very versatile floor-type high precision and compact sized dynamic milling/boring machine with universal head and boring spindle. A wide range of configurations on multiple axes and X-axis movement with Twin-Drive system is composed of preloaded rack and pinion system with 2 servo motors for “dynamic movement”. One is actual driving, while the other is braking for “backlash free”. Also this moving column system makes the perfect coincidence of the reference plane between the column base slide way and the column slide way due to the column weight, so it makes “spindle vibration-free running”. Suitable solutions for end users who require high flexibility and a wide variety of optional features and accessories such as different milling-heads, head change station, automatic tool change, floor or angle plates, auxiliary tables, rotary table, travelling rotary table and many other special options thanks to its structure. The machine is ideal for roughing and finishing operation on all parts and can be installed in mould and die operations, aeronautic and power generation industry as well as in general job shops. To ensure the machine ultimate performance and high quality, all machine should pass heavy cutting test before shipping.

Machine specification TRAX
Longitudinal mm 3000/4000/5000~10000 (each 1000mm)
Cross mm 1000/1200
Vertical mm 1300/1600/2000
Axis mm/min 15000
Rapid mm/min 25000
Speed rpm 4000/5000, 6000
Drive motor kW 28/42, 24/38
WEIGHT kg 22000/25000/28000~43000
  11, Munpyeongseo-ro 17beon-gil, Daedeok-gu, Daejeon, South Korea