Double column machining center
Double column machining center MiMAX-W
MiMAX-W is the ultra performance bridge type cross rail elevating double column machining center for big and long sized parts with a huge choice of head attachmants, Max spindle speed at 2500rpm can provide maximum torque output at 2901 Nm. MiMAX-W is suitable for heavy workpiece till 50tons, and enables 5 face milling, deep hole milling etc with various heads. And ideally suited for complex machining even with 5 axes. supersize double column structures are completely manufactured with stabilized cast iron and fully supports the cross rail to prevent structural distortion under long-hours cutting conditions. The working table and 4 cross rail elevating roller LM guide way, which is combined with 8 faces ram with 4 ground way and 4 gib way, guarantees high milling performance and geometric accuracy of the cross and vertical travel for a long time. A prestigious choice that qualifies the product and magnifies the performances in terms of rigidity and damping capacity. (Spindle gearbox : Germany ZF, Head spiral bevel gear : Germany TANDLER, Linear scale : Germany Heidenhain, X-axis travel gearbox : France Redex-Andentex, X-axis rack and pinion : Swiss Gudel, Hydraulic : Germany HAWE etc..) so that extremely stable with high rigidity suitable for both arduous machining and fine finishing operations. Also High rigidity KORTA ball screw with hardened C3 class double nut ball screws are preloaded to minimize backlash, provide high precision movement, and reduce heat deformation on all axes. Sturdy structure allows affording either heavy duty rough operation as well as accurate finishing. Based on customer`s requirements, the standard 2500rpm high torque 2 step auto exchange gear transmission can be optional equipped with either direct driven spindle system or built in spindle system to provide more cutting flexibility. Cooling system of Head, Ram and ZF gear box (also the Coolant Through Spindle is possible as the option) reduces the heat which prevents spindle extension during high spindle speed. Hotted oil inside of ZF gear box and upper head is delivered quickly to the oil cooler through two pumps on the ram. High rigidity INA LM linear guide ways on the X, Y axis for heavy duty cutting, fast movement and low abrasion capabilities make MiMAX has the high accuracy, and the Z-axis is adopted with high rigidity box way which is hardened and precisely ground suitable for heavy duty cutting (if equipped with high speed spindle, the Z-axis can be adopted with roller type linear guide ways). Also the high rigidity curvic coupling provides 5 auto increments (72positiong) for maximum multi-faceted cutting capability.

Machine specification MiMAX-W 3245
Length & Width mm 3500x10000
Max permissible load kg 50000
Longitudinal mm 10300
Cross mm 6500
Vertical mm 2200
Axis mm/min 5000
Rapid mm/min 10000(X), 20000(Y), 15000(Z), 5000(W)
Motor kw 28/42
Speed rpm 2500 (2 step : 0~666, 667~2500)
WEIGHT kg 180000
  11, Munpyeongseo-ro 17beon-gil, Daedeok-gu, Daejeon, South Korea