CNC Bed type universal machining center
CNC Bed type universal machining center COMBI-U60 COMBi-U60
With the Fanuc, Heidenhain and Siemens CNC, COMBI-U60 can control the 3-axis simultaneously and it is designed for heavy machining and medium-small sized parts! Also user can choose the 2 step high-low automatic gear change system with max. spindle speed 3000rpm + max. power 24kW, or the 12 step gear change system with max. spindle speed 1600rpm + max. power 11kW. COMBI-U60 is completed through the professional assembly and hand scrapping skills. The KiHEUNG`s unique Huron system consisted of up head and low head can be turned to any desired angle and also vertical, horizontal, combined angle milling is available. The column is of a rugged box-type construction and its ground slide ways are wide to support and guide securely the spindle head. The bed is composed of one piece construction with double box for lubrication oil and coolant. The hardened and ground slide ways of the bed provide high stability to the saddle, the saddle has a rigid box-type construction to cope with loads during heavy-duty cutting. It is supported by the wide slide ways of the bed to assure stale movement and the Biplast(anti-friction material) ensures the smooth movement of the axis.

Surface mm 2200x600
T-slot/Width/Distance mm 5/20/80
Max permissible load kg 2000
Longitudinal mm 1600
Cross mm 750
Vertical mm 700
Height from table to
vertical spindle nose
mm 50~750 15~715
Height from table to
horizontal spindle nose
mm 60~760 95~795
Axis mm/min 4000
Rapid mm/min 8000
motor Nm 12(Fanuc) 16(Heidenhain)
Taper   ISO50
Speed rpm 40~1600 3000(0~525, 526~3000)
No. of spindle speeds No. 12 2
Drive motor kw 11 15/24
Distance from column to
vertical spindle center
kw 700 680
Distance from column to
horizontal spindle center
kw 710 750
WEIGHT kg 7500
  11, Munpyeongseo-ro 17beon-gil, Daedeok-gu, Daejeon, South Korea